Supporting Innovation Teams
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Supporting Innovation Teams

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Hi, I am Hugh Maaskant - an independent consultant helping high-tech innovation teams to be more effective.

With my 35-year background in research and development of complex, software intensive systems, I am well qualified to support your team with most organizational or operational challenges. Depending on the subject, I may even be of assistance technically.

Innovation first and foremost is a team effort. To be effective, a team needs to work together well. This requires a shared goal, an appropriate process, and excellent communication. While obtaining these is already difficult in a single organization, it becomes real hard in collaborative innovation projects.


I offer you my vast experience, people-oriented personality and enthusiasm to help your team be as successful as it possibly can. My support can be in the form of consultancy, services, coaching or a mix thereof as needed.


The "traditional" consultancy where you have a problem and seek my advice based on my knowledge and experience. Typically, it would be problem oriented and not take too long, e.g. a small number of two-hour to half-day sessions over the course of a few weeks or months maximum.

Consultancy allows you to leverage my experience and knowledge in a low-risk setting. While I will advise where I feel I have the necessary knowledge and insights, in the end the decision what to do with the advice will, of course, always be yours.

It may, but does not have to, pave the way for a future service I could offer.


This is where you contract me to provide a specific service to your organization. There are many options, e.g.

  • Interim project or team management
  • Chair or facilitate a workshop
  • Serve on the advisory board in an EU co-funded project
  • Temporarily support a team (lead) with extra capacity, e.g. for project planning or preparation for an important review
  • Review a project plan or deliverable document
  • Give a guest lecture

Depending on the task at hand, the duration can be very short or span up to a year or so.


Quite often excellent technical staff is put in a lead role, e.g. as project leader or as technical lead for the company in a collaborative innovation project. This can be a big challenge, as it requires learning new skills, not the least of which is effective communication within the team and with senior management.

Company management does not always have the bandwidth -or the experience with collaborative projects- to coach effectively. With my extensive experience in various roles, I can coach any team members requiring some help to get up to speed. An additional benefit is that it is often easier to ask help from an "outsider" then internally.

Please note that any offering will be either short-term, part-time or both, as I want to be able to serve more than one organization at the same time.